Innovation Center

An introduction to Ningbo CEEC Innovation Center

On June 10th of 2020, the Ningbo CEEC Innovation Center was announced to be established in the CEEC Industrial Cooperation Park.
With the goal of “building up an economical connection among the Central and Eastern European countries, linking the whole of Europe, and actively integrating into the global emerging industrial chain and innovation chain”,  the innovation center aims to become an offshore innovation incubation center integrating offshore R&D, overseas incubation, introduction and transformation of foreign high-quality innovation resources, scientific and technological talents and industrial investment projects.

(The opening ceremony of the Ningbo CEEC Innovation Center)

Ningbo CEEC Innovation Center adopts marketization operation model by the Zhejiang Saichuang Weilai Venture Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd, and has set a representative office in Budapest, Hungary. 
The center is running by a team with international background to carry out daily work such as foreign communication,  project road show, services towards project like consultation, matchmaking, investment due diligence and so on. The center aims to become a comprehensive innovation service platform and offshore incubation center with domestic and international influence. Recently the center is promoting the cooperation between leading local companies with the Groglass from Latvia and the DMC from Lithuania. 

(The unveiling ceremony of the CEEC Industrial Cooperation Park)

The CEEC Industrial Cooperation Park is located in the west of Qianwan New Zone. The planned size of the initial area is 40 square kilometers. In the long term, it will be expanded to cover parts of Yuyao’s Simen Town, Xiaocao’e Town, Langxia Sub-district and other areas; it will also connected to the Yongxi Intelligent Science and Technology Corridor.
The Park aligns its goals with the Ningbo Municipal Government and CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee’s “246 Industrial Development Plan” and “225 International Trade Initiative”. Guided by the principles of greenness, innovation, emission reduction, and eco-friendliness, the Park will strengthen partnership with CEECs and other European countries in technology, capital, project development, and talent exchange. It aspires to be a multilateral, mutually-benefical platform for scientific R&D, technology incubation, talent attraction, finance innovation, commerce and culture exchange. Based in the CEECs and linking all of Europe, the Park strives to become into a globally-impactful advanced manufacturing hub and the heartland of China-CEEC multilateral business cooperation. 

(The third roadshow of the Ningbo CEEC Innovation Center, November of 2020)

(Members of the innovation center organized a promotion event on the CIIE2020)

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