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We invite your attention to the following questions and answers.

How can I know what product can be exhibited in the Expo or sold in China?
You can raise whatever questions related to the customs permit by either sending us emails or click the website of China-CEEC Customs Information Center.(www.cceeccic.org)
Is there any pandemic prevention requirement for exhibitors to enter China from overseas?
We will be watching the latest entry policy and keep you updated from time to time right before the Expo. Also, we advise your partners in China to participate on your behalf in case that you cannot make it yourself.
What is the CEEC Products Online Fair and its relation to the onsite Expo?
CEEC Products Online Fair is a virtual exhibition under the Expo. Exhibitors will enjoy such service as newletter feeding, purchaser matching, and social media promoting. It prepares for and prolongs the on-site Expo so as to maximize the possibility of purchase.It is publicly funded hence its service for free.
Is there any guide as how to register?
Yes, you can download the guide book from here.(Online Exhibitor Manual_My booth.pdf) ”