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China-CEEC High-tech Exhibition 2016
SN Booth No. Company's Name Exhibits
1 6A01 Ningbo Tianan (group) Co., Ltd. HXGT6B-24 Gas-Insulated Metal Enclose d Switchgear(C-GIS)
2 6A02 Sanhua Holding Group Sanhua Air-conditioning and Thermal Management System of Battery Electric Vehicles
3 6A03 Ningbo Talents Information Technology Co., Ltd. 360 degree panoramic camera
360 degree panoramic monitoring system
4 6A04 EGOVA Co.,Ltd Wisdom City Management, the Wisdom of the Whole Space-time Platform, Tomonobu Platform, Wisdom Parking, Underground Pipelines
Ningbo Smart City Management Center
5 6A05 Hangzhou ZhengFei Technology Co., Ltd. Dynamic Face Recognition Access System
6 6A06 Softfoundry Technology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd. VMEET Cloud Video
7 6A07 Ningbo Makex Technology CO.,LTD 3D printer
8 6B01 Ningbo Snappy Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. LED Power Supply
9 6B02 Zhidou Electric Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. New Energy Electric Vehicle
10 6B03 Slovenia Pavilion High-tech aircraft,high tech solutions on ICT and Biomedicine field, investment projects
11 6B04 Ningbo Vision Display Technology Co.,Ltd 46 inch 3 x3 open hole 3 d Mosaic wall
65 inch all joint open hole 3 d display
Open hole 3 d optical film and laminating process
12 6B05 FMI Medical Systems Co., Ltd ScintCare CT 16; ScintCare PET/CT;
13 6B06 Zhejiang Cellular Wireless Communication Co.,Ltd Radio Frequency Sync Technology (RFST) of Wireless Digital TV Broadcasting with Ultra WIFI Technology.
14 6B07 Beijing Huanengda Power Technology Co., Ltd. Radial flow type electric dust elimination technology、Rotary type flexible contact sealing technology for the air pre-heater researched and developed
15 6C01 NingBo HuYa Automation Technology Co.,Ltd Auto-Screwdriving Machine
16 6C02 Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co., Ltd. Dafeng intelligent universal wagon, Dafeng motion control system along the time axis, Dafeng integrated console for stage performance
17 6C03 Zhejiang CRRC Electric Vehicle Co., LTD. 18m Super Capacitor Electric Vehicle Model
12m Super Capacitor Electric Vehicle Model
Ningbo CRRC New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Supercapacitor
18 6C04 China Certification & Inspection Group Third party inspection and testing and certification services
19 6C05 State Power Investment Corporation Nuclear power R&D, design, manufacturing, construction, operation and management