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A date on bite: A taste of Zhejiang and CEEC
Source: In Zhejiang; By Hu Zichen     Date: 2019-06-09
Photo taken by an In Zhejiang reporter shows the Italian chef proudly presenting the representative Italian cuisine: Margaret Pizza.
China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo has been hosted in Ningbo for four years, and “A Taste of CEEC” has been held twice at the Old Bund of Ningbo, where various delicacies from the CEECs were prepared for visitors. 
The accordion music ‘Ciao Bella’ (the theme music for the classic Yugoslavian film Bridge) and ‘the Internationale’ reminds the audience of their childhood. The melodies build beautiful cross-cultural communication between Chinese visitors and CEEC countries.
German Waffle: fluffy taste melts in the mouth. We need to refresh ourselves with such sweetness in the summer days.
Croatian fritters: crunchy and delicious.
A date on bite: Local cuisine from Zhejiang. Steamed octopus and crabs from Taizhou City. 
As the only culture exchange program of the first China-CEEC Expo & International Consumer Goods Fair, A Taste of CEEC was upgraded into A Taste of Zhejiang and CEEC-Culinary Culture Exchange that will be held at the Old Bund from June 9 to 11.
During these three days, the characteristic delicacies from eleven cities of Zhejiang Province will be introduced in the Old Bund, together with treats and commodities from the CEECs to arrange a sweet date between Chinese and Western cuisines.